You might have noticed, our ProSport Running Community is HUGE! We have successfully trained over 400 runners to compete in the 6 International Major Marathons alone: Boston, New York, Chicago, Berlin, London & Tokyo. With London & Tokyo sold out for 2020 - we have another 50+ heading over there and to Chicago & New York in a few weeks. As well as the International Majors - we have helped many train up for Melbourne, Gold Coast, Hobart, Canberra, Sydney and various other marathons around the world.

When we receive inquiries on our marathons, there always seems to be a few commonly asked questions so we have added a little FAQ below: Please contact us if you have ANY questions at all!!! We love answering them!

What is the demographic of your marathon runners?

This one cannot be more broad! Our youngest runner was in her late teens and we have every age group in between up to 65-70 years old. We have students, we have lawyers, we have doctors, we have engineers, we have entrepreneurs, we have administrators, we have first time runners, we have multiple marathoners, we have new parents, we have couples organising babysitters for their running sessions! So, the range is very broad!

How fast are your marathon runners?

Similar to the question above, we have people running at 7 min km’s and we have people running 4.30min km’s and below! Then we have EVERYTHING & ANYTHING between. The wonderful thing about running with a group is there is always someone at a similar speed somewhere in the pack. Some of our runners aren’t used to running in a group or chatting and running, but once they get started, they find running alone a whole lot less motivating once they have tried a group session. Our runners are great, not everyone is up for a chat the entire run, some love to while away the hours deep in conversation and some will run together, iPods in ears with zero chat but just knowing someone is beside them to push them along or help them pace.

I haven’t run more than 5km before. Should I consider doing a marathon?

All of our programs are quite long in nature and specifically designed to take a beginner all the way to the finish line. Each program starts with the longest run being approx 8km so all we ask is you have a little bit of base fitness when you join us - but in no way does it have to be an elite base. From there, follow the program, put in the work day to day and it is entirely possible!

How many days a week do you train?

Included in all of our International Marathon Packages are 4 running sessions a week & unlimited access to use the ice bath. We recommend some cross training at the gym too. Strength is a really great class to build up all the strong runners muscles, our glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and a strong core. Upper body often gets overlooked by runners but should be treated with the upmost importance as your upper body supports your posture so ensure your back muscles get worked each week along with everything else. Monday’s Runners Strength is also included in your program. Altitude training is certainly beneficial, especially as you get closer to marathon day.

If you are not participating in a package through us, we can still help with your training with either a membership or casual sessions.

Here is a rundown on what each running session looks like.

Monday Morning 6.00am (ProSport) - Our Monday Marathon Group is a class specifically for our marathon runners training for the international marathons to strengthen their bodies through glute and hip activation exercises, core and upper body strength plus a flush run to move the legs post Saturday’s long run. It’s a great opportunity to get some extra kms in the legs.

Wednesday Morning 6.00am (at the Tan) – THIS WILL GET YOU FIT FAST!!! Our toughest day but the "runners high” is undeniable after this class – hence why we have our biggest following on a Wednesday. There are hills, intervals, speedwork and strong efforts over this hour long session. Designed to build strength and speed in your legs, increase oxygen efficiency and endurance.

Friday Morning 6.00am (ProSport) – Our Friday focus has always been on glute and hip activation exercises, a shorter run with foam rolling and core to finish. This year we are spending a lot more time on mobility. Ankle, hip and thoracic mobility is crucial to injury prevention and what we have learned with the more people we take in our training programs for marathons, there is a common thread with similar injuries, so we are focusing more on getting you all mobile and focussing on the injury prevention! Part of this is educating you on what you should be doing before EVERY run, even when we are not there to tell you.

 Saturday Morning 6.30am (ProSport) – Our long runs. The distances will vary depending on what we know you are training for. If there is a particular distance you want to reach that we are not covering on our maps, have a chat with us, we will always try and help you work towards a new goal! Saturday mornings, we encourage you to get here early, spend some time on the exercises you have learnt on Friday morning & if you have done a long run – take the time to use the ice bath afterwards.