ProSport has recently launched their freshest challenge Gran Paradiso in Italy. An extraordinary expedition steeped in ancient Roman history along one of the most beautiful and wild treks in Western Europe.  Sitting in the Valle d'Aosta in northern Italy, Gran Paradiso is a rugged island of natural beauty, dominated by the only 4000m peak wholly in Italy. Take in the southern, western and northern sections of the Gran Paradiso, staying in the park for the entire time. Staying in the park will allow you to explore the magical mountains and rugged and desolate valleys which verge on pristine wilderness. Only a stones throw from other famous European peaks, views of Monta Rosa, Matterhorn and Mont Blanc will be afforded at several passes along the way. Wildlife is abundant with herds of Chamois and solitary Ibex to be seen along the route all the while staying in a mix of small hotels and Refugios, hand in hand with Italian hospitality and excellent food and wine, the perfect adventure for those seeking another side of the Italian Alps, one that is remote, spectacular and steeped in history.



• 5-day Trek | 100km in distance
• Combination of cabins & huts
• Supremely comfortable hotels before & after the trek


Example Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive in Turino

Day 2

Turino to Aosta

Day 3 

Start trek Aosta to Cogne. Overnight in Cogne

Day 4

Cogne to Alps Money then back to Cogne. Overnight in Cogne

Day 5

Cogne to Refugio Sella

Day 6

Refugio Sella to Eaux Rousses. Overnight in Eaux Rousses

Day 7

Eaux Rousses to Rifugio Federico Chabod

Day 8

Rifugio Federico Chabod to Pont via Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele

Day 9

Pont to Ceresole Reale. Overnight in Ceresole Reale

Day 10

Ceresole Reale to Mua and back to Ceresole Reale

Day 11

Ceresole Reale to Noasca. Overnight Noasca

Day 12

Noasca to Turin. Overnight in Turino

Day 13

Free time in Turin - Transfer Home or to the next destination



Prepare for your trip

Our training comprises of Altitude, Trekking, Strength & Core Sessions. Our treks see us out and about hiking through the Dandenongs, Macedon Ranges and some urban walks with solid hills! Along with Altitude and Trekking we focus on strengthening our legs & core – the ultimate tool for preparing you for carrying your packs on your hike.