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recapPING all the fun of the berlin marathon & trip…

Let’s set the scene back to 16 September 2018…imagine 40,775 people, 23 degrees with not a cloud in the sky, bands on every corner and a sea of supporters for 42.195km’s – this was the 45th BMW Berlin Marathon 2018. Eleven ProSport clients and one coach woke up to pursue their dream of running their first Berlin Marathon and every single one in our group achieved the goal!


It wasn’t without hard work, injuries, grueling km’s and a few meltdowns along the way. As a lot of the training we had completed was during one of Melbourne’s coldest winters in years, we were not used to the warm weather and glorious sunshine. However, it was lucky that we had endured some of Melbourne’s wettest and wildest mornings so our mental strength was definitely something to draw on as we all hit the wall one by one. 


Luckily, as we crossed the finish line there was a beer tent ready to rehydrate us and we had booked in for dinner at a local beer garden that night so bulk schnitzels were on offer to assist with recovery. One by one as we made it back to the hotel, the support and celebration that the team offered each other was amazing – lots of hugs, cheers, laughs (and even some tears!)


The next day the team recalibrated by hitting the buffet at the hotel hard, then continued with either a bicycle or Segway tour into burgers for lunch. That night we had our official celebration dinner at a local restaurant with stunning views over the river. Sore bodies, blisters and exhaustion was put to the side to celebrate not only everyone getting over the line but all the months of training that was put in prior to the event. A local Berlin nightclub capped off the night – what an experience!!!


I just want to thank Strappy for all of the hard work and support he gave to each and every one of the 11 clients that went to Berlin. Carly and Hazell also, for assisting, coaching and supporting us as well. Finally, to the rest of the crew that ran the marathon – wow! What an experience, what a race and what fun did we have celebrating! Thank you for endless laughs and memories – we did it!