What drew you to Bali in the first place?

I love Bali having visited for holidays previously, but I had never been to Ubud. I had also promised myself an active year for 2017 and the Bali retreat was in my list. 

What were your favourite sessions during the trip?

The Caldera sunrise hike was definitely the highlight. An early start, hiking in the dark up the mountains, snacking on delicious pumpkin cake and hot coffee as the sun came up. Incredible! 

How did you go without technology?

It did me good to break the email/phone/social media habit and to simply be present and experience the daily routine. 

How did you rate the food?

The food was outstanding! Fresh, local, traditional and most amazingly abundant! The best thing is that this retreat is about healthy living, not deprivation. So you could relax and enjoy the food without worrying about calories or servings. 

Feel free to add anything else you like…

Our guides were outstanding. Three young men who were knowledgeable, energetic and cheerful the entire time. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and they provided support and guidance in a way that was respectful and unobtrusive. They were also delightful company, fun and sweet to talk to.