This was my second Bali boot camp at Komune Resort with Prosport;  knowing a little of what to expect I was excited and nervous at the thought of the challenges of the week ahead. Food so good you want to bring the chef home with you, healthy but substantial and the perfect food for five days of pushing yourself.

 The great thing about this week was that you pushed yourself as hard or as little as you wanted; no matter what your fitness level. For me it was about pushing myself as hard as I could, it was a big week physically and mentally. I wanted to come away from it feeling like I had taken my fitness to the next level; everyone’s goals were different. Every morning we pushed through the two hour session of running, boxing hit and stair climbing before  breakfast.  We were always physically spent after these sessions, they were so worth it; running through the rice fields while listening to the waves break was the perfect backdrop for running hard. 

 The lunchtime strength sessions were always fun, hard and sweat soaked; Tim was always there with encouragement, a bad joke, or special guidance if needed, he always made sure everyone was looked after and coping.  Afternoons were often spent napping by the quiet adult pool or by the beach.

 Through this week, friendships were formed, inspiration was gained from others.  I skipped the volcano climb this time as I had done it the year before; it’s definitely a once in a lifetime thing ; except for Tim’s mum Jeanette who has done it five times!! Amazing views , a challenging climb and sunrise with Ketut were all worth it for everyone. Looking forward to coming back next year.