london marathon


London Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace ring a bell? These iconic places riddled with history are part of the famous London Marathon course, which is one of the most popular runs in the world and it's easy to see why. London Marathon is one of the largest charity events in the world and ProSport can get you some of the hardest entries to get hold of.
Over 35,000 people each year combine to make this trip one in a lifetime.



• Race entry
• 4 nights' accommodation
• 8 months of training
• Recovery facilities


Example Trip Itinerary

  • Day 1: Friday afternoon - a welcome, debrief and casual group catch up
  • Day 2: Saturday morning - an easy 3-4km jog and breakfast 
  • Day 3: Sunday morning - MARATHON DAY! (Transfers included to race where needed) 
  • Day 4: Mad Monday - our group celebration dinner and night out


Prepare for your trip

All of our marathon campaigns include a structured program based around the following sessions.


40 min leg strength, core and upper body program designed on building strength in your legs, a strong core and a powerful upper body. We follow this up with a 20 min flush run.


THIS WILL GET YOU FIT FAST!!! Our toughest day but the "runners high” is undeniable after this class, hence why we have our biggest following on a Wednesday. There are hills, intervals, speedwork and strong efforts over this hour long session. Designed to build strength and speed in your legs, increase oxygen efficiency and endurance.


The focus on Fridays has always been on glute and hip activation exercises,  a shorter run with foam rolling and core to finish. Working with more and more people on marathon training programs, we've noticed a common thread in ankle, hip and thoracic injuries. We focus on getting you mobile and educating you on what you do before EVERY run, as it's crucial in injury prevention.


Our long runs. The distances will vary depending on where you are in the program. Saturday mornings, we encourage you to get here early and spend some time on the exercises you have learnt on Friday morning. Post long run, take the time to use the ice bath and spa afterwards.