Half the battle is turning up.


ProSport established itself in 2006, running outdoor fitness camps, personal training sessions & on-site corporate fitness sessions. After successfully leading 18 trekkers across the Kokoda trail in 2008, ProSport created an adventure side to the business. Since then, we have led adventures around the world, including Everest BC, Kilimanjaro, Kokoda and world major marathons.

In 2014, we opened our ProSport Head Quarters in Swan Street, Richmond and in 2017 expanded to include Alfred Hospital.

Our focus has always been on providing flexible, challenging and outcome-focused fitness programs, to meet individual client needs and goals. We're highly experienced in working with a wide range of clients and believe in a holistic approach to fitness. Our motivated trainers support clients at every step of the way, both mentally and physically.


Tim Hazell

Tim Hazell


Tim founded ProSport Health and Fitness in 2006 after an AFL career. Tim has over 16 years experience in the health and fitness industry, a Diploma in Fitness and Management and a Degree in Rehabilitation. He has successfully trained and led groups to Everest Base Camp, Kokoda, Kilimanjaro, New York, Berlin, London, Tokyo and Paris for the marathons, just to name a few bucket list destinations. 

Tim Strapp - ProSport

Tim Strapp


Tim has been a pivotal part of ProSport Health and Fitness for the past ten years. From a young age Tim has been involved in many sports, especially field hockey, which he now coaches at both a club and state level. He completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science with Honors in 2009, and is currently halfway through his Masters of Sports Coaching. Tim has led trips to Mont Blanc, Kilimanjaro, New York and Tokyo just to name a few.

Carly Silverwood

Carly Silverwood

Operations Manager

Carly has been with the ProSport team for over 5 years and prior to that trained with ProSport as a member at the very beginning of the business. Carly's passion for running was influenced from an early age by her father, an athletics coach and brother an 800m runner. Carly has lead two Bali bootcamps, four major marathon groups (whilst also running it herself) in the New York, Tokyo, Berlin and London marathons.

Todd Beames - ProSport

Todd Beames

Alfred Health Manager

Todd joined the ProSport team in 2014 and boasts a solid education in sport science, with a Masters of Exercise Science-Strength and Conditioning and a Bachelor of Exercise Science.  He is currently the High Performance Manager at Coburg Lions VFL, and was previously in a similar role at Calder Cannons in the TAC Cup. Todd has completed Everest Base Camp and has successfully led two Anzac Day Kokoda treks.  


Our instructors

We are very proud of the team we have developed over the years here at ProSport. We have an elite group of qualified trainers from all walks of the industry with specialties in many different aspects of their field. Our trainers pride themselves on providing a welcoming, friendly and approachable environment with a wealth of knowledge across our group.

Interested in joining our team?



Our facilities

ProSport Richmond is home to Melbourne's largest Altitude Chamber and our Fitness Centre, the hub of all of our group classes and PT sessions is a unique, non-intimidating environment for any level of fitness, age and ability. Access our Altitude Circuit Training, Altitude Spin, Strength & HIIT Classes, Boxing Sessions, Running Group and professional recovery protocols using our state of the art ice bath. Combine these with bucket list goals including overseas bootcamps, treks, adventures, international marathons and you have every reason to turn up and train each week.

ProSport Alfred Health is a new and exciting facility at the Alfred hospital. In a new look gym space, we offer group classes in our functional area as well as access to cardio equipment, machine and free weights in our gym. Whether you are a staff member at the hospital or a local resident, we are suited to any age or ability and have a range of classe. Currently we run Strength, HIIT, Boxing, Yoga, Pilates and Circuit as well as a running group. Clients are also offered a free towel service. Later this year we will be installing an altitude chamber, offering a unique opportunity to train in altitude.




+ Am I locked in to a contract when I sign up for a membership?

Nope, you can end your direct debit at any time! We do appreciate two weeks' notice if you can though. We can also suspend payments when you take a holiday or if you need a break.

+ Will this gym be the right fit for me?

We hope so, but we'll let you decide. Come down and make the most of our different trial options.

  • Richmond $40 two week trial including unlimited group classes, 2 x altitude classes & unlimited recovery.
  • The Alfred One week free trial including 3 x group classes.

+ I have never done a marathon before but am keen to try! Can you help me?

Absolutely! The ProSport team are experienced in training first timers right through to seasoned athletes in marathons. We work with you on a long training program to build a solid base, before you even get to those long runs. We have watched many first timers run that finish line and it really is our proudest moment!

+ What is altitude training?

Traditionally, athletes have lived and trained at locations of high altitude for a period of time prior to competing. For those that aren't professional athletes this is very expensive and impractical. This is where ProSport come in. The air in our altitude chamber is delivered by a specialised hypoxic generator, meaning it contains less oxygen and simulates high altitude in the real world.

+ How could altitude training help me?

Training or even just being in a low oxygen environment like our altitude chamber, requires the body to produce a range of adaptive responses. These responses translate to improved performance when you are in a normal oxygen environment. ProSport’s altitude training helps improve your endurance, speed, power, weight loss and overall fitness.

+ How long or often would I need to train at altitude?

It really depends on what you are training for. Drop us an email and let us know what you're working towards and we can let you know what we think.

+ Can I get altitude sickness?

Altitude Sickness or Acute Mountaineering Sickness (AMS), is caused by the combined effects of low atmospheric pressure and insufficient oxygen. Whilst we adjust the oxygen levels in our chamber, we don't adjust the pressure, meaning it is practically impossible to get altitude sickness from our training. Also, if for some reason you do start to feel unwell during a class, good news is you can quickly step out of the chamber and take in a big breath of normal oxygen.