FYI Deb is definitely one of your best. I just did her 630PM class and it was excellent. She is REALLY good, was so engaged the entire time. She set us up, corrected our form throughout and cooled down and worked us super hard.

Mil Mitrevski | ProSport Member and training for our trip to Mt Kilimanjaro

"Hey Strappy and Carly, 

Just a quick message to say an epic thankyou for everything you've done for us all this past week in Japan and especially for being absolute champions in putting up with me (and my gripes) these past few months. Absolutely loved it and couldn't fault the whole experience across the board, and Tokyo and the race itself was just a blast (despite being a bit of a turtle getting to the end). Stoked I actually did it, and very keen to do another in time. Thanks again, genuinely so appreciated."

Pia Gilmour | Tokyo Marathon

"Hi Strappy & Carly,

Thanks so much for all your support and training for Tokyo marathon. It was an amazing experience, loved Tokyo and will leave wanting to come back.

Didn't have the best run this time, but that sometimes happens unfortunately but I finished and with that I am so happy! Thanks guys. I'm going to take a few weeks off but I will be back!!"

Steve Sharratt | Tokyo Marathon

"I just wanted to say thanks for your help in getting me ready for Kilimanjaro. Not only did I summit a'ok but I also jumped lots on an acclimatisation walk at 4600m above Moir Hut, on uneven shale, and didn't pass out or break an ankle. A very special thanks to Ro and Tommy. Thanks to Ro for the Tabata sets that made being out of breath normal, and  to Tom who smashed my legs with endless climbs that's not once did walking up hill hurt my legs.  And I love the spin classes in general so I'll see you back in the chamber."

Kirsty Reidy | Altitude Client

"I wanted to thank you Carly for running a great boot camp in Bali last week. You did a fantastic job with all the sessions and made sure that everyone was challenged despite the range of abilities. I certainly came back from the week fitter and stronger and more rested than before and I’m sure that everyone in the group is feeling the same way.  You never know, you might even see me join one of the ProSport running groups in the future.   I’m already looking forward to the 2016 Boot Camp."

- John Ward | Bali Bootcamp

“Having played over 200 games of AFL, I was looking for another challenge and ProSport delivered. Having now done a few international marathons with ProSport, they can not be faulted on their preparation and dilligence”

— Ben Holland | New York & Paris Marathon

“ProSport gave me a goal, which was to go to Everest Base Camp in 2015. Not only did they get me there, they have engrained me in to their culture and now I love training with their friendly staff in the altitude chamber. They make sure everyone feels welcome, no matter their fitness or ability.”

— James Ackley | Everest Base Camp & Client

"I started out as a fitness client with ProSport, which turned me in to a Bali Bootcamper, Kokoda and lately Kilimanjaro. They have infected me with the ‘adventure bug’ and it’s not going anywhere. I love their passion and their realistic view on health & fitness.”

— Stephanie Larkin | Bali Bootcamp, Kokoda, Kilimanjaro & Client

“Kokoda wasn’t always something I thought I’d do, but after my initial meeting, I knew ProSport would look after me and do everything they could to get me across the line. I take away some life experiences with me, purely due to that meeting.”

— Tim Cantwell | Kokoda & Client

“ProSport is a healthy environment to train and I always leave feeling much better than when I arrive. “Half the battle is turning up” is now a motto I use daily! Now, I can’t wait for my next ProSport session.”

— Fiona Mitchell | Gold Member

“ProSport deliver a great service with better people. They do not expect anything more than what you can give, which is inviting for those who get intimidated easily.”

— Sam Jonas | New York, London Marathon & Client

“The ProSport team realise everyone comes for different reasons. It may be fitness orientated, health or weight related, which ever it may be they do their best to help you get there and enjoy it. They want fitness to be part of your lifestyle, not take over it!!”

— Milly Sheppard | Client

“ProSport have the facilities that any elite sport club would only dream of. They have a great mix of sportspeople and your ‘everyday trainer’. With large ice and spa tubs, altitude chamber, strength and conditioning area plus lots of space, it’s a great environment to train.”

— The Recruit | FOX8 TV Production