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Although when we do run marathons, we do them big! 

Tim Hazell talks to us about how the group heading over to do the London Marathon are preparing and getting ready for the big day April 24th...




In just over a weeks time, the ProSport London team will be standing on the start line ready to have the run of their lives. 

This team has been together training solidly for well over 8 months. They have worked hard and it wasn’t easy training over a pretty hot & sweaty Summer and coping with the Christmas and NY celebrations (that was going to be a tough task for most of these guys). There were a few blow outs in the eating and drinking department during this time but all in all the team kept consistent and committed with training which is a great effort! We have had some niggles along the way which has caused a bit of grief at times but everyone has kept at it & are getting their bodies & mind ready for the big one. I couldn't be any prouder or excited for this group.

 A few training highlights to mention:

1 - The famous Sandringham 36k run. This run is always a tough one to do, we catch the train (this time round we drove) down to Sandy, quick warm up & then we run 3ks away from Sandy towards Black Rock, we then turn around & then run all the way back to ProSport along the beach. We had a truck load of support on the day which always makes it a bit easier. It was a successful day with everyone running strongly. 

2 - Another highlight was our training weekend down at Grunters ‘shack’ in Mainridge. A coastal 26k run, yoga session, swim in the lake, lunch at a winery & then a Sunday morning 12k jog made for the perfect team bonding training weekend. My personal highlight was the flying fox! 

3 - My personal highlight is the weekly Wednesday 5.30am training session (hot, raining, windy - we don’t miss) I think this session sets the mind up for the marathon. It makes you stronger because you’ve put in the hard yards week in week out. The energy & feeling at the end of a solid mid week 90 min hit out is like nothing else. 

The ProSport team could not be prouder of the London 2016 team. As they say, if running a marathon was easy - everyone would be doing it. What these guys are about to go & do is very very special. They have spent hours & hours of running, foam rolling, walking around in the ice bath, massages, early nights, questioning themselves, feeling flat, feeling amazing, doubting themselves & everything else a marathon campaign throws at you. I can honestly say this group are ready to go. They are tight, they are fit - London, look out! (that’s in reference to the after party, not the actual marathon) 

And if that got you excited to run a marathon with us, we still have THREE spots left for New York Marathon 2016. Email info@prosport.net.au or call us on 9913 7267 to secure your spot!


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