ProSport can guarantee you race entry to the pinnacle of all marathons. The New York Marathon is the bucket list item, in excess of 50,000 runners competing over the 42.2km endurance race, witnessing the demographic changes from Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx before finishing with a stroll up 5th Ave in to Central Park on Manhattan Island. Over 135 live bands light the streets with countless spectators, who become your biggest fans. Can you imagine running the last kilometre under the microscope of 70,000 raging fans calling your name compounded by the beauty of Central Park? The exhilaration of finishing alongside a stranger you hug with excitement that you now have something in common. The ProSport team will be alongside you every step of the way, including New York.


8 Months of Running Training (tailored to all levels of running ability)

4 Nights Accommodation

Entry to the New York Marathon

Access to Recovery Ice Bath / Spa at ProSport


  • Running through the 5 Burroughs: Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Manhattan 
  • Running through the greatest city on earth
  • Finishing in Central Park with +50,000 other runners
  • 2.5 million spectators | 135 live bands
  • Celebration dinner at Buddakhan with your family and friends

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