Our 6 Week Challenges have just smashed their initial results of their body composition and fitness tests! 

During the 6 weeks, our Challenge team received a 1.5 hour presentation and take home notes on nutrition + an easy to follow green, orange and red food list for the low carb high fat diet they followed during this 6 weeks. 

They had access to an unlimited membership incorporating as many classes as they wanted to attend of Strength, Boxing, Running Group and Altitude plus a Facebook forum just for them to connect and support each other.

John Verbi from Inbody came out to take all of their initial body composition which is a comprehensive measure of body fat percentage, visceral fat levels & muscle mass to name just a few. It is an in depth scan that gives real insight into the problem areas and what we can improve on. John then came back to retest all the team on Saturday with some seriously outstanding results!!! 

Finally, the guys did an initial & follow up fitness test which included a 1km run, 500m row, how many reps in one minute of push ups, sit ups and squats and then the heaviest 1 rep maximum they could perform of each a back squat, deadlift and a bench press. 

We are super proud of everyone that worked so hard during this past 6 weeks!

Contact us today at info@prosport.net.au to register your interest in our next challenge.