Need for Speed

The motivation to run a marathon can be varied and diverse for different people. For some, it may simply be a goal of finishing the distance. For others, in particular those who have run more than one marathon, their goal tends to become more of a time based focus. What we tend to see with some marathon runners wanting to push for a PB, is a reluctance to push the speed in training. Whether it is a fear of injury or a lack of confidence to get out of the comfort zone, runners fall into danger of becoming one paced when their training doesn’t vary throughout a given training week. It should be noted speed work does not mean sprinting. Rather speed work refers to fast paced runs over shorter distances.  

Any good training recipe should include a healthy mix of workouts that when used in the proper proportions lead to optimal performance on race day. When training for a marathon, the most important ingredients of course are copious amounts of mileage, plenty of long runs and lots of running at and around marathon pace. Running fast in training is extremely important. It should be included once a week into any marathon program. It’s these types of workouts that will help you perform your best on marathon race day, but they’re also the key components that come into play when it’s time to change gears and start focusing on shorter races again.

The next time you are down at ProSport on a Wednesday morning, start pushing the pace over those shorter distance runs we do, use the breaks to chat with your running friends and make sure you push hard in the efforts! It will help come race day.