On April the 11th myself & 6 others will be getting dropped off at Owers Corner for an epic 14 day challenge that will involve mud, rain, tears, plenty of laughter, guts, determination & team work. This group is attempting the Back 2 Back trek which has us trekking the opposite way to the Kokoda Station, meeting 11 other ProSport trekkers & then turning around & heading back to Owers Corner! We will celebrate that night & then endure another early start the next morning, this morning we will be heading down to Bombary cemetery for the Anzac Day service. 

Both groups have been training hard! They have been following a specific Kokoda training program which includes muscle development in the legs, core stability training and endurance training in stairwells and outdoor treks.  Having completed this trek many times before I have no doubt the pre-trek training will allow everyone a safe & successful trek.  The pre-trek training provides the confidence in the body to get through all the ascents, the constant grind of hours on our feet, but most importantly have us strong enough to get down those downhills.  Walking downhill over rocks, tree roots and mud for hours at a time constantly jars on the feet, knees and ankles; which really highlighted the need for leg muscle and core muscle development emphasized by the pre-trek program.

Kokoda is the best mental & physical challenge ever.

o   It is known as the ultimate challenge to conquer one of the world's hardest and most spectacular treks. Doing the B2B will be an amazing feat! 

o The trekkers will experience the culture and people of this unique and fascinating land. 

o They will be rewarded daily by seeing the last of the world's great frontiers where wild beauty and pristine jungle is all around you. Amazing!

o   Discover firsthand the history of one of the most significant military campaigns ever fought in the defence of Australia and its territories.

o   Feel, discover & embrace the spirit & joy the Kokoda locals will show you along the 96km trek. (for 6 of us - 192ks)

The group has bonded well, everyone is keen to dig deep for the next 2 months & prepare as well as they can. 

2 exciting things are happening on this trek:

1 - After 7 days trekking from Owers to Kokoda, I’ll have Harry, my sister Olivia & my Dad (for his second time) there (I should include little Toddy Beames into this, he will nestle himself into the family on this trek somehow). This will be a special moment for all of us.. Something I’m really excited about! 

2 - Tony Sharp & Cliff Cooke who have previously trekked Kokoda with me (Tony twice 2012 & 2014 and Cliff in 2014) have not only being training hard but they have been spending a lot of time putting together a charity fund for the Soldier On foundation, please have a look at the link for more information about the charity & the reason why the boys are doing this. It’s honestly a great cause & something we are promoting & supporting 100%.


If you wanted to get involved & donate, I know Tony, Cliff & everyone involved would really appreciate it.

Stay tuned for the post Kokoda review. We will be heading back next April so if you are keen to come. Please contact the team at ProSport today info@prosport.net.au