It was in July, 1942 when our diggers went in to battle for our beloved country against Japanese forces. Today, ProSport walk in their footsteps, showing honour, valour and displaying signs of character only our diggers would be proud of. We have a 100% success rate from over 20 trips in the past five years of operation, built through strong relationships, great food, being prepared and a great team. Our job is to be there for your training, create friendships and bonds, guide you through the history and trek, motivate you  and watch you show mateship, sacrifice, courage and endurance, our four famous Kokoda Pillars.

Your Proposed Itinerary: (trekking days vary from 6-10 hours pending weather conditions)

Day 1: 17th Leave Australia for PNG. Dinner & Accommodation at the Holiday Inn

Day 2: 18th Flight to Popondetta or Kokoda / 3 hour truck ride to Kokoda station / 3 hr walk to Deniki (3 hours)

Day 3: 19th Deniki to Euro Creek via Ioribaiwa for a look at the 4 pillars and a history chat & then to Alola for lunch. Then to our camp site Eora Creek for a swim and a rest (9 hours)

Day 4: 20th Eora Creek to Kagi via Mt Bellamy (highest point of the track – 2190m) into Kagi (11 hours)

Day 5: 21st Kagi to Brigade Hill for some more history and then lunch & then down to Menari Village (9 hours)

Day 6: 22nd Menari to Nauro 1 Village via the swamps (9 hours)

Day 7: 23rd Nauro to Ioribaiwa Village via Ofi Creek for lunch & a quick swim (8 hours)

Day 8: 24th Ioribaiwa Village to Owers Corner (6 hours) Bus back to the Holiday Inn for a celebration dinner.

Day 9: 25th ANZAC DAY at the Bomana War Cemetery & then Head home to Australia or optional extra night- Head to the Yacht Club to watch the footy

Day 10: 26th Head home to Australia


  • Isurava War Memorial Site
  • New friendships
  • Services dedicated to our diggers at Brigade Hill
  • Bomana War Cemetery
  • Walking the Kokoda Arches

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