The Kokoda Trail is one of the world's great treks, linking the southern and northern coast of Papua New Guinea, it is a challenge to be enjoyed by anyone that loves a physical and mental challenge.

The J=Kokoda Trail and Sogeri area have a history of bitter fighting between Australian and Japanese armies during the early days of the war in the Pacific from World War II.

The 96km Kokoda trail passes through rugged mountainous country of rainforest, jungles of fern, orchids, birds and clean mountain streams which tumble into steep valleys.


Kokoda is truly a life changing experience.

The unspoilt villages throughout to Kokoda Track will welcome you and the Koiari and Orokaiva people will greet you with smiles and tempt you with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

 TIM with guide, clement and family

TIM with guide, clement and family

The greatest trek...

It is one of the world's greatest treks, taking enthusiastic clients on a journey that will challenge and inspire is pretty amazing for us as leaders. This experience allows us to follow the path upone which Australian and Japanese armies engaged in bitter warfare during the early days of World War II. Papua New Guinea's unforgiving, wilderness provides an unforgettable backdrop for a life changing experience.

 ProSport under the arches 

ProSport under the arches 

Our friendly tips...

1. Physical and mental preparation is the key for this trek. Allow 6-months to train and build your fitness base, which will allow you to enjoy this experience.

2. Hydration and nutrition are really important on Kokoda. Weather conditions change a lot during the trek so you need to be prepared.

3. History is amazing, and we do our best to tell you stories and keep you up to date with where the war was at during certain times along the trek, it's invaluable to have some of your own history notes from research.