It feels like only yesterday I was sitting in front of this screen writing:

 “Well, three weeks into our Alfred Health journey and what a start it has been.”

Today, half way through July marks 4 months since we opened the doors at ProSport Alfred and Caulfield Hospital. And well, here is my little summary on the journey so far.

·      220 members, predominantly through word of mouth only. We are in the process of becoming more active about acquiring new members and hopefully we can build towards 300.

·      ‘Classes in the gym’ is starting to be the buzz phrase inside the four walls of the Alfred Hospital. After initialling only having 2-6 members in most classes, we are now seeing double digits regularly.

·      We have successfully added running group and lunchtime Yoga / Pilates in the past month with great success. The runners are doing their best to drag themselves out of bed each cold, wet and windy Wednesday morning whilst lunchtime Yoga and Pilates on a Monday and Wednesday respectively is starting to gain its own momentum.

·      Last week we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to participate in the July Nurses Forum. We presented in front of 100+ nurses and took some of them through a fitness challenge. Hopefully this starts to drive some involvement in the gym from the nurse brigade.

·      We have had significant interest in the 6 week challenge across both the Alfred and Caulfield hospital. Starting on the 31st July with a pre-and post body analysis / fitness test, nutritional support and daily accountably, it is a great way to get through winter and lead us into the middle of September. There are limited spots still available, please get in touch with me if you want to know more.

Spotlight on our Trainers:

Introducing "The A-Team "

Something a little different this month. Last Friday night the ProSport trainers from all three of our sites got together to do some Yoga before catching up to discuss how we can keep improving things for you. It’s the chance for me to give them a massive shout out for all the hard work they continue to do. Without them, we would not have awesome sessions, awesome results and awesome banter.

We feel like we have got a good mix of trainers that all have different ways of making you, as clients work hard. Continue to give us feedback, as without it we will never know how we can improve.