Our programs focus on developing physical competence in aspiring young athletes. Too many youth now complete huge amounts of competitive sport without necessary physical competence. This results in problems down the track. We promote the value of obtaining physical competence by incorporating a progressive structure that enables young athletes to develop.


  • Parents, teachers and coaches are demanding winners

  • Most training is competition specific and tactical, aimed at obtaining an immediate result

  • Chronological age is used rather than the athlete's developmental age

  • Exercise and loads are selected to improve immediate performance rather than prepare for future development

  • Competition type and frequency is often not appropriate

What should be happening?

  • Sport specific technical development demands certain physical qualities (e.g. strength, stability and flexibility). It is mandatory that the developing athlete is given the opportunity to develop these physical qualities

  • Training must be based upon the maturation of each individual athlete training age rather than chronological age.

  • Training should progress using the principles of slow to fast, simple to complex, static to dynamic and unloaded to loaded